How to book and hire a bike

Taupo Bike Hire | How to book a rental bike

Step 1: 

Go to "Book Online." the blue button --> the bottom right corner

Click on Rental Taupo Bike Hire

(If you want, you can pop in at our store and hire bikes. Corner of Tamamutu & Gascoigne street, Taupo.


Step 2:

 Click on See Availability 


Step 3:

Select a Start date and time and a Return date and time.

Double-check so you've picked the right dates and times.

Step 4: 

Scroll down to "Available options" and next to Add Person click Choose

Step 5:

Click Choose and select what bike and size you want to hire. 

-->Click Add to order

If you want to add another bike or add-on (such as bike delivery or a trailer) click on "Choose" again.

You will now see what you have selected under Selected Options. (scroll down)

Under "Quick questions" you can leave a note for us or add address if you have selected bike delivery and pick-up. 

IMPORTANT, if you have added bike delivery and pick up, don't forget to enter the address under "Quick questions, any notes" 

Step 6: 

Enter your details and card info.

It's important that you add your email and phone number correct. If we need to contact you. 

Click Confirm and Pay

You should now receive a booking confirmation email. Check your SPAM/JUNK mail.

If you haven't received the email, please contact us: