Q: How do I book a bike? 

  • Click on the big button "Book Online" in the bottom right corner. Select the right location and after that the date and time for pick-up and return. Click on "See availability" and "Add bikes to order" If you can't find the right bike/size for you at The Tipsy Trout, try the location called Taupo Town or give us a call/email us 

- 021 50 88 77

- info@taupobikehire.co.nz

Q: How do I add bike delivery and pick-up?

- You can only book bike delivery and pick up via our office location. Please make sure you selected the right location (Taupo town) 

Don't forget to enter your hotels, motels or backpackers address in the field called "Quick questions, any notes" 


Q: How do I delete a bike from my booking?

  • Click on the X next to the bike name under Options.


Q: I can't select more bikes?! Why?

- That's because there are no more bikes available at that location. Try the location "Taupo town" or give us a call 021 50 88 77 or email info@taupobikehire.co.nz


Q: How do I add more bikes and add-ons to my booking?

  • Click on "Add bikes to order" If you can't select more than 1 bike, there's no more bikes available. Go back and try Taupo town or give us a call or email.

021 50 88 77


Q: The bike delivery and pick-up service fee is that one person/one bike?

  • No, you only need to add one bike delivery and pick-up to your booking. Don't forget to enter your address, accommodation and room number under "Quick questions, any notes" 


Q: Why do I need to enter my room number?

  • It's if your accommodation doesn't have a reception and if we can't find you.

Q: I need to cancel my booking

  • We have a 12-hour cancellation policy. Please email or call us to cancel your reservation before this time frame. If you cancel less than 12-hours prior, you won't get a refund.

 Please keep an eye on the forecast if you don't like to go biking in bad weather. 


Q: I didn't get an email to confirm my booking. What do I do?

  • Send us an email or call Troy 021 508 877


Q: You guys have 2 different types of MTB bikes for hire? What's the difference?

  • The one called "Town/lakefront" is for cruising along the lakefront or in town.
  • The other one called "The Trails" is for biking on the trails around Taupo.

Q: Why do I have to give you my credit card number?

  • It's just for security.


Q: I don't know what bike size my kid needs?

  • On our website when you click on a kids bike under "The Bikes" you can read more about sizing vs age. 

 Q: Do I need to bring anything?

  • No, not really. The sun is quite strong and intense in New Zealand, so sunscreen and water is probably a good idea. The bike hire includes a helmet (and lock if needed) 

Q: What size am I?


Feet/Inches Centimeters Inches Centimeters Inches Size

4`10”-5`1”  148-158 cm     24-29” 61-73 cm < 14″             XS

5`1″-5`5″  158-168 cm      25-30” 63-76 cm 15” / 16″           S

5`5″-5`9″ 168-178 cm      26-31” 66-78 cm 16” / 17″           M

5`9″-6`0″  178-185 cm      27`-32` 68-81 cm 17″ / 18″           L

6`0″-6`3″ 185-193 cm      28`-33` 71-83 cm 18″ / 19″         XL

6`1″-6`6″  193-198 cm     29`-34` 73-86 cm 19″ +             XXL


Q: Is it possible to get picked-up? I'm so tired after my ride but I didn't pay for a bike delivery and pick-up service.

- Yes, if we're available we'll come and pick you up for a cost of $ 20

Q: Is there an online booking fee?

- Yes